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Request for Quotation: Technology Pool Assessments for Solar PV Hybrid with Specifications and Detail Hybrid Configurations

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Closing Date: 23:59 WIB on 11 July 2022

About the Program

MENTARI (Menuju Transisi Energi Rendah Karbon) is an ambitious four-year programme that aims to deliver inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction in Indonesia, by supporting the uptake of low carbon energy. Led by the British Embassy Jakarta, MENTARI is implemented by PT Palladium International Indonesia in consortium with Castlerock Consulting and Yayasan Hivos. The programme has a specific focus on developing the low carbon energy sector to best support the disadvantaged communities, specifically those in eastern Indonesia. By working closely with the Government of Indonesia and other stakeholders to improve the enabling environment and drive investment, MENTARI will demonstrate the possibilities of low carbon energy for Indonesia’s economic development, job creation and social inclusion while helping to mitigate climate and environmental impacts.


In achieving renewable energy target 23% by 2025, solar PV hybrid with any other renewable energy sources is a critical preference technology. Several minigrids were developed in hybrid basis, either solar PV and battery, or solar PV with small wind, microhydro, or other renewable energy. However, these remains fully supported by the donors, yet in detail programme. In PLN diesel replacement programme, up to 250 MW is using the Solar PV hybrid with battery energy storage and existing diesel. Next phases will also utilise various renewable energy hybrid depends on the resource availability in the site. To support all of these, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) and PLN are required to establish a database and in-depth analysis for the available technology options in market. A great understanding of characteristics, performances, advantages/disadvantages and financials (price) are necessary to both MEMR and PLN in formulating the suitable policies.

To date, MEMR and PLN has limited pooled list of technology and its detail characteristics. There are some small databases and pool assessments, but in few limited technology options and limited accessibility information or non detail specs as per requirements of policymaking process by MEMR or other relevant ministries, as well as procurement process by PLN. The technology pool assessment to domestic technology options will be studied in this, to be a robust reference and database for MEMR and PLN for energy transition actions to pursue 23% target.

RUPTL 2021-2030 releases and highlight hybrid will take more roles in renewable energy portion. In RUPTL, PLN will expand the hybrid technology in diesel replacement programme (up to 2 GW) and in other on-grid development with hybrid technologies. Those are the hybrid is between renewable energy and existing fossil, or renewable energy-renewable energy. The various hybrid configuration and specifications needs to be understandable by regulators and PLN. In MENTARI persperctive, renewables hybrid system can take various forms, either be installed between existing renewable and new technology, or both new technology in new sites.

A lot of option for hybrid offer the differences of operation and impacts to the grid. This will further study the configuration in detail, in specific of any technology involving solar PV and battery as the main hybrid configuration. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of each detail configuration possibility.

Scope of Work

MENTARI will select a team of consultants to work closely with the MENTARI team through consultative collaboration with the regulator and PLN on the different methods of battery pricing for other users based on the value of functions.

In the first report, MENTARI expects to discuss creating the technology pool database for solar PV, BESS and fuel-cell (or any other potential hybrid) and its assessments from technical and commercial perspectives. The information is designed as the renewable energy technologies catalogue.

For the second report, the selected bidder is expected to conduct a research to identify and analyse all hybridable generation configuration based on commercially viable technology in Indonesia.

The timetable will be for 6 Months from the tender’s advertising and will be finished in December 2022 for both reports.

Tender Details

The budget for this assignment will be a maximum of GBP 20,000 (or equivalent to IDR 380,000,000) for report 1 and GBP 20,000 (or equivalent to IDR 380,000,000) for report 2, excluding any travel costs that may occur. Any travel costs will be treated as reimbursable for this assignment, outside of the budget proposed. 

All tenderers must agree to have a mandatory Professional Indemnity Insurance and maintain that policy for the Term of this Agreement and six years after that. The Tenderers must provide such evidence within seven (7) days after the contract is signed.

If your quote is successful, you will be required to enter into the Company’s standard contract for the types of goods or services being provided. In the provision of the Goods and Services, you will be required to comply with the Company’s policies, including (without limitation) its Business Partner Code of Conduct and any relevant Project Manual. Potential suppliers must also comply with the Company’s Business Partner Code of Conduct in the submission of any quotes pursuant to this RFQ.

If you are bidding as part of a joint venture, partnership or similar, please make this clear in your submission. Likewise, if you propose to subcontract any part of the goods or services provision, then disclose this fact within your submission. The Company may require additional information from you and approval for subcontracting will not be automatic as subcontractors will be subject to Palladium’s Due Diligence process.

For further explanation on the tender details, please refer to the full RFQ document below.

Please submit your quotation to before 23:59 WIB on 11 July 2022.

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