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Towards Indonesia's
Low Carbon Energy Transition

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Demonstration Project Strand

Result: Deliver two small-scale low carbon energy pilots in eastern Indonesia and showcase a replicable, economically feasible business model that generates inclusive socio-economic benefits for communities.


Pilot two small-scale low carbon energy solutions

Deliver two small-scale low carbon energy pilot projects in Eastern Indonesia (Sumba) and showcase a replicable business model that is economically feasible and can generate inclusive socio-economic benefits.

Local capacity building

Provide capacity building to the BUMDes, local community and operations & maintenance (O&M) provider on productive uses of energy and strengthening value chains of local productive sectors, O&M, and Gender and Inclusion.

Share lessons learned

The projects will serve as vital proof of concept for the Policy and Brokerage Strands, showing the feasibility of off-grid business models and how small-scale low carbon energy solutions can generate socio-economic benefits, particularly for women and marginalised groups.

Feasibility studies (including technical, economic and social potential)


Technical assistance to local stakeholders

Demonstration projects implemented

Sharing lessons learned

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