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Towards Indonesia's
Low Carbon Energy Transition

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Gender & Inclusion Strand 

We mainstream G&I throughout all our Strands and activities.

Result: Increased inclusive access to reliable and affordable RE (including for women and marginalised groups) and improved livelihoods because of this access. We mainstream G&I throughout all our Strands and activities. 


Policy G&I activities

Advocate existing GOI’s G&I policies to be implemented in RE regulations.

Facilitate inclusive policy development and ensure practical implementation.

Brokerage G&I activities

Support demand and supply actors in mainstreaming  G&I and inclusive growth in the design, financing and implementation of on and off-grid RE  projects.

Demo Project G&I activities

Integrate G&I from the design of the demo projects so they provide equal energy access and productive use opportunities.

Raise community awareness of G&I.

C&N G&I activities

Organise or participate in two G&I learning events per year.

Produce G&I case studies.

Internal G&I activities

G&I integration in the MREL framework.

G&I-aware recruitment, event-hosting and facilities.

Technical assistance to communities, project developers, and financiers

Stakeholder consultations, engagement and coordination

Sharing G&I lessons learned

Organise and participate in G&I events

Establish (academic) partnerships

Internal G&I policies and G&I integration in MREL