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Kasus Bisnis Kesetaraan Gender dan Inklusi Sosial – Pengarusutamaan Gender dan Inklusi Sosial (GESI) dalam Proses Transisi Energi Berkeadilan adalah Sebuah Keharusan (The Business Case for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion – Mainstreaming Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) in the Just Energy Transition Process is a Must)

This GESI business case study discusses lessons learned from the construction and implementation of a small-scale off-grid centralized photovoltaic power plant project in Mata Redi village, Central Sumba, which was carried out over four years. This business case aims to develop an example of a local renewable energy transition process that is more inclusive and that promotes social justice and environmental sustainability in Indonesia. This business case also explains the importance of gender and inclusion in the development of off-grid renewable energy.